Cruisy EVO Throttle Control

How a throttle control can help you?

On long rides does your wrist hurt or even cramp? Even the most beautiful ride or motorcycle trip can become an ordeal!

We know this problem too well and have therefore come up with a solution. Thanks to our Cruisy EVO you can now let your throttle hand rest relaxed on the throttle grip, which significantly reduces the strain on your wrist and makes long journeys a real pleasure.


Simple, effective & easy to use

Extremely robust

lasts for years

No tools required.

Installation within seconds

Two sizes fit any motorcycle

Premium quality at an amazing price

Makes your friends jealous

From now on, long distance motorcycle rides will be fun

Have you ever suffered from pain and stress in your right wrist after a long day of riding your motorcycle? In this case even the best ride is no fun anymore. Thanks to the Cruisy EVO motorcycle cruise control these problems are now things of the past!

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