Assembly and operating instructions - Cruisy Evo motorcycle cruise control

Installed within seconds:

  1. Pull the silicone ring over the grip to its end.
  2. Hold the Cruisy EVO vertically over the silicone ring, pull the opening apart carefully and slide the Cruisy EVO over the silicone ring.
  3. Now push the Cruisy EVO forward with your index finger until the brake lever.

The use of the Cruisy EVO is also possible with mounted handguards without any problems.



  1. Accelerate until you reach your desired speed. 
  2. Now simply push the Cruisy EVO forward with your index finger until it rests on your brake lever. Now your bike keeps the speed.

How to release the Cruisy EVO:

If you want to reduce the speed again or in case of an emergency just turn the throttle grip forward manually. The Cruisy EVO moves back in a neutral position and the throttle can be used as usual.


How to Remove the Cruisy EVO:

Turn the Cruisy EVO into a vertical position.
Pull with one hand on the top of the Cruisy EVO while the other hand presses against the two ends of it. Done!



Our Cruisy EVO is made of very durable special plastic.

However, never pull the Cruisy EVO apart with great force, otherwise it could still break apart.


If the Cruisy EVO doesn´t keep the speed:

If your Cruisy EVO doesn´t keep the speed after a few months of use, the problem is most likely caused due to weathering of the plastic and / or silicone ring. In this case, remove the Cruisy EVO and silicone ring and clean both with lukewarm water and a mild soap. Do not use chemicals or aggressive cleaning agents to clean the plastic or the silicone ring.