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Finally it´s here: The Cruisy EVO!
Your simple and effective motorcycle cruise control!

Have you ever suffered from pain and stress in your right wrist after a long day of riding your motorcycle?

In this case even the best ride is no fun anymore.


Thanks to the Cruisy EVO motorcycle cruise control these problems are now things of the past. Now you can rest your right hand on the throttle grip which reduces the strain on the wrist significantly and turns long distance rides into a real pleasure.

It can be used UNIVERSALLY for all types of motorcycles and it can be switched from one motorcycle to another
within seconds (provided that the throttle grip diameters of the bikes are approximately identical).



"The Cruisy EVO is a must have for all bikers who do longer rides.

I am using it since more than 5.000 km now and I have to admit,

its the perfect accessory! ~ Stephan D. ~ 



As soon as you reach your desired speed, simply push the Cruisy EVO forward with your index finger until it rests on the brake lever. Thereby the Cruisy EVO clamps the throttle grip slightly and your motorcycle keeps its speed.

The Cruisy EVO is easy and quick to install and remove. NO TOOLS NEEDED!


The use of the Cruisy EVO is also possible on handlebars with mounted handguards.

If the Cruisy EVO is not needed, just turn the throttle grip forward. Now the Cruisy EVO is placed in a neutral position and can be used immediately again at any time.


For more details, see our assembly and operating instructions.




" Your Cruisy EVO is great. It makes my rides so much

more comfortable. 5 stars from 5! ~ Rolf F. ~



The special shape of the Cruisy EVO is particularly ergonomic and designed to be operated simply and comfortably only with your index finger. The Cruisy EVO is made of lightweight, yet very durable and weather-resistant special plastic.

The included silicone ring increases the friction of the Cruisy EVO on the throttle grip and allows the use on metal and chrome grips, too. The ring is simply pulled over the grip and can remain there permanently, even if the Cruisy EVO is not installed. We recommend to always use the silicone ring, even with standard rubber grips or heated grips.



Field reports and comparison tests:


Motorcycle world travelers are already on the road with our Cruisy EVO, too. What experiences they made with our Cruisy EVO can be found here:


Choose correct size:

Our Cruisy EVO is available in two different sizes:

  • Cruisy EVO for grip diameter 27 - 32 mm
  • Cruisy EVO for grip diameter 33 - 38 mm

To determine the required size, please measure the grip diameter of your throttle grip and select the appropriate size.

On the page How to measure the throttle grip diameter we provide you an illustrated instruction on how to properly measure your throttle grip diameter and answer the most common questions in this regard.


Additional silicone ring:

You own several motorcycles and want to use your Cruisy EVO quite flexibly on one or the other bike? Then it's best to order an additional silicone ring, which you simply install on your second, third or fourth motorcycle and leave it permanently on the throttle grip. This way you can switch your Cruisy EVO in seconds from one bike to another, provided that all bikes have the same throttle grip diameter.



Please observe the safety instructions, national TÜV/technical check regulations and restrictions on legal admission as well as the liability disclaimer!


Production and distribution:

The Cruisy EVO is developed by us and produced according to our specifications by an ISO 9001 QM-certified specialist company with state-of-the-art technology in Germany:

  • Made in Germany
  • Short transport routes & strengthening of our domestic economy
  • no cheap noname product of inferior quality


#Life is a Ride. Take the easy way!


 Please select your required size in the drop down menu:

19,90 €

  • available
  • Dispatch within 3 workdays to payments received1

Video: How to use the Cruisy EVO

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